Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 12, 2012

Checking in with My Interns

Those of you who follow BSBP on Facebook (as y’all should) may already know this, but for those of you who don’t, I’ve got two unpaid interns working in my “blog pimping department.”

Steven Kunkel and Adam Henning have been working tirelessly to spread the good word about Blank Stares and Blank Pages for months now.

The two have used social media to shove my semi-humorous, borderline psychotic, y’all-laden rants down the throats of hundreds of new, unsuspecting readers and broaden the blog’s readership.

These two volunteered for this endeavor on their own and I saw little reason to dissuade them as their efforts certainly have resulted in more views.

This week, however, the tireless work of the blog pimping interns finally paid off in a really big way.

Earlier this week I posted a pair of stories about intrepid sports reporter and BSBP Celebrity Crush list member, Heidi Watney.

The first entry focused on the unfortunate news that Heidi had suffered a broken collarbone playing Ultimate Frisbee and the ramifications the incident held for whomever had wronged the foxy, flaxen-haired fräulein.

The second entry detailed my plans to win Heidi’s love and affection—or at least her company for an evening—via Project Cupid’s 3rd Annual Charity Date Auction.

Adam, being the audacious intern that he is, went ahead and tweeted the second story directly to Ms. Watney, imploring her to read what the authorities will one day undoubtedly describe as “the first of many warning signs in the case of Heidi Watney’s disappearance.”

Here is what unfolded…

Do you see that, My Faithful Readers?

Seriously, do you see that?

That right there is Heidi Watney referring to my blog entry as “pretty funny!”

One of my most beloved celebrity crushes—she freakin’ knows baseball, y’all—thinks that my writing is “pretty funny!”

The intern has done a fine, fine job on this one.

I am pretty funny. Heidi is clearly smitten.

…and together, we’re obviously in love and headed toward a fancy, outdoor July wedding.

As for Adam, he has clearly taken the lead over Steven in the race for the full-time position of (unpaid) Chief Blog Pimping Executive here at BSBP.



  1. What? Interns to pimp a blog? A bit odd, but that’s just my opinion.
    I found you under one of the topics I browse on WordPress’ main page. That’s it.


    • They’re not “really” interns. They’re just a couple of my friends who have taken it upon themselves to serve as “blog pimps” for me. As such, I’ve dubbed them my interns. Good to know how you found your way here though, I’m always curious how people land on my blog.


  2. Man, one would think they might look not 12 in photos when they’ve reached the old balls age of 24…


    • At least you got your wish and I wrote a post about you…more or less?!


  3. I didn’t think “the list” included eloping…you know, with another woman. Also, was Heidi even ON the list?


  4. […] Now, I may not have won a date with Heidi, but I’ll always have the joy of knowing that she read my blog and thought it was “pretty funny.” […]


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