Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 6, 2012

Is This Real Life?

I mentioned yesterday that cold medicine and adult beverages aren’t exactly a winning combination.

This morning I’m starting to wonder if caffeine and cold medicine aren’t an equally mismatched couple.

I was running a little late for work today, so I didn’t have time to try and trek to Starbucks for a much-desired hold-over Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Instead, I swung by a gas station (I know, I know) to get myself a big ole cup of joe.

They had the usual suspects: decaf, regular, dark roast, etc…but then on the backburner they had a pot of something called “HYPERBEAN: X-TREMELY CAFFEINATED.”

Obviously, I had no choice but to purchase it.

So I bought a 16 ounce cup of the Hyperbean and started chugging it right away in an attempt to shake off the cold medicine induced cobwebs.

Pretty much instantly I felt a huge surge of energy, but only through about half of my body. It would seem that part of me is lethargic and ready to go back to sleep and the other half is jacked up like a rockstar in the ‘80s and wants to run face-first through a brick wall.

Anyway, it got me a little tweaked out because half of the things on my walk to work appeared to be moving at hyperspeed whilst the rest were creeping along in slow motion.

It’s like I am both the tortoise and the hare.

That in and of itself was a little weird, but what really has me questioning whether I’m still awake and functioning or if I’m actually passed out on the ground beside the gas station and dreaming is this:

That’s right, folks…it appears to be a VCR chained to a fence.

Now, that’s assuming any of you all actually see anything in this picture.

Everyone else on the street walked right on by like there wasn’t anything weird going on and one dude looked at me like I was crazy for stopping to take a picture.

Those reactions have me just a tad worried that I hallucinated the entire thing.

On that note, if y’all are looking at this photo and instead of a VCR chained to a fence you see a bike chained to the fence or nothing chained to the fence or if this happens to be an ill-advised Brett Favreian snapshot, let me know ASAP, because if that’s the case I should probably see a doctor.



  1. If I lie, will you still go to a doctor? Please?


  2. Why is a VCR chained to a fence? I mean, not even just chained to the fence, but totally deadlocked cold to a fence. That’s crazy!


    • Maybe somebody isn’t aware that VCRs aren’t really a hot property to steal anymore?!

      …I guess I’m just happy everyone actually sees it and I’m not hallucinating!


  3. Oh, that’s where I left it.


    • Call me crazy, but with a chain like that I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’ll certainly be there when you come back to get it!


      • Now if I only I could remember where I left my betamax… probably in 1984.


  4. someone was seriously protesting the obsolescence of VCRs…obviously, they weren’t a very smart person. Not getting a lot of use out of it in its current location I would suspect. lol. Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂


    • I’ll be amused if there’s an old school, big box-style TV out there tomorrow to really cap-off the nostalgia feel.


      • and three days after that you’ll see some homeless guy dragging a bottomed-out sofa to the corner of the street in a location directly in front of the TV and VCR. His own personal theft-proof living…street?
        I just stopped back by to tell you that I mentioned your blog in a post of mine. You can see it here if you like 🙂 but don’t feel obligated to participate if you don’t want to. It’s just for fun 🙂


  5. The worst part of it is I’m gonna bet it won’t work anymore with that chain through it….just a thought.


  6. I definitely see a VCR chained to a fence…

    Wow, all that 2012 stuff about the world going crazy is true, huh?


    • I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg, right?!

      Can’t wait to see what comes next, it’s gonna be a long year!


  7. That picture is hilarious!


    • …just happy to know everyone else sees the same dang thing!


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