Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 21, 2011

A Moment with Grace

Grace and I are very different types of morning people.

I like to turn on all the lights and crank the radio really loud. I also have a tendency to get pretty amped up and noisy (read: annoying) very quickly in the morning.

Grace likes to ease into her morning. No lights. No music. No jumping around trying to put wrestling holds on pillows. You know, real Puritanical stuff.

One thing we both have in common in the morning is that when we’re both still groggy and working on waking up, we’re pretty f’n out of it.

I’ll mumble about kittens or Batman as I’m slowly getting my marbles together and tell her all about some random dream I had involving Dianna Agron taking me to a baseball game.

Grace will take up and mumble something about shoes or a conspiracy theory she has about all of the blankets disappearing in the middle of the night and as she’s slowly getting her marbles together, she’ll tell me about one of her random dreams.

Sometimes it’s the usual mundane stuff like: “I dreamed I was falling,” “I dreamed I was late for work,” or “I dreamed I was riding a Pegasus and fighting Nazis with a light saber.”

…you know, all the standard stuff.

Sometimes, however, she’ll drop a nugget of amazing visual imagery like she did this morning:

“I dreamed that I had a knife fight with Ke$ha.”

That was it.

That’s all she had for me.

I asked who won the knife fight and she went on about how she went camping with her family.

I don’t know if she was even awake at all, but having the image of Grace and Ke$ha coming at each other with switchblades stuck in my head is probably the finest way I can think of to start my last half-day of work before vacation.



  1. GREAT! I always try to tell Mark my dreams the second I wake up, otherwise they are gone and I’d miss out on gems like a Ke$ha-throwdown.


    • My favorite thing is when she wakes up in the middle of the night and she’s still sort of in the middle of the dream or thinks it’s real. It’s always a very trippy experience.


  2. Grace would totally win that fight.


    • I certainly think so…she’s tiny, but fiesty. Like an angry badger.


  3. I wouldn’t know Ke$sha if I fell over her. That said, I’m totally behind Grace.


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