Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 15, 2011

Google Zeitgeist Reveals the Most Popular Searches of 2011

Every December, Google unveils the top searches of the year and today marks this year’s big reveal.

The annual Google Zeitgeist project—now it its 11th year—delivers a digital cross-section of our culture by ranking the top searches of the year in a number of categories ranging from people to news to sports and so on.

Some of the rankings are less than surprising with Hurricane Irene, the Occupy movement and the earthquake in Japan all ranking near the top of the news searches.

Flash-in-the-pan and viral video queen, Rebecca Black earning the crown of “Fastest-Rising Search” isn’t overly surprising, but it’s impressive that her name managed to stick around long enough to top the year-end list ahead of the likes of “iPhone 5,” “Steve Jobs,” “Osama Bin Laden” and “Google+.”

Here’s Google’s video rundown, set to the awesome “Sooner or Later” by Mat Kearney.

If tiny snippets crammed into a three-minute video somehow weren’t enough for you to gather the top searches of the year, here’s a buttload of screen shots swiped from the Daily Mail:

The unveiling of the Google Zeitgeist got me thinking that maybe I should do something similar with the top search terms used to find my blog in 2011.

Granted, I’ll probably want to combine some of the similar search terms. I’m 90% certain that any form of “douchebag” or “douche” or “douchey” or whatever should all be considered one basic search term.

I’ll figure out a way to properly gather and customize my info and I’ll see if I can’t get that posted in the next couple of days.

I’m always amused at the things people search and what it leads them to and I’m certain that very few of the people searching for “Christina Hendricks ass” or “Emma Stone + boots” are anticipating they’re going to land at my blog.

Anyway, hit up the comments and let me know what you think about the Google Zeitgeist results? Anything shocking? Anything you think is missing? Let’s hear it.



  1. we all know that Porn is deleted. Come on lets be honest.

    Why isnt this one: Why did the Twins trade JJ Hardy for Jim Hoey


    • You pose a good point. If they left porn in that’d change this whole thing up about a bajillion times over.

      I feel like maybe the JJ Hardy trade only impacted a few of us…and those of us who were impacted, didn’t need to Google to know that it was Bill Smith’s f’n fault.


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