Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 13, 2011

Shout-Outs: Cyanide and Happiness

I totally freakin’ LOVE Cyanide and Happiness.

I start every workday giggling like a small child at this comic and I think you should too.

You see, My Faithful Readers, I’ve raved about this comic a number of times here before, but these cats deserve more than the occasional rant from me. They deserve your undivided attention.

I want you to peep the following five comics that were chosen simply by hitting random.

If you laugh at least three of them—and trust me, you will—then it is your duty to head on over Cyanide and Happiness and waste, at bare minimum, half an hour of your day giggling like a hyena.

If you somehow managed to make it through all five of those comics without laughing, I’d like you to go ahead and close your browser, shut down your computer, put your cellphone in the trash, leave your wallet and any identification on the kitchen table, put on a coat and some good walking shoes, walk outside, find the nearest highway and put up a thumb, catch a ride with a trucker and disappear.

Get off the grid.

Make yourself into a ghost.

Seriously, go live in the woods or something, because you do not deserve the internet or all of the funny housed within it.



  1. haha I love cyanide and happiness!! I used to read them all the time!


    • …yeah, when I discovered ’em (late last year, I think?) I went nuts and plowed through everything they’ve ever published.

      Absolutely hilarious. I love the annual “Depressing Comic Week.”


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