Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!

This may come as a big surprise to some of y’all, but—get this—I’m kind of a big Taylor Swift fan.

I know, right?!

This is some pretty shocking stuff.

Well, as many of you already know, today is Taylor Swift’s birthday and I figure if you’re going to give one of your exes a birthday shout-out, you sure as hell need to get your current crush in the birthday mix as well.

As such, I want to wish a super freakin’ happy twenty-second birthday to Taylor Swift.

Now, Taylor probably doesn’t need any extra adulation or praise as she has already had herself a pretty solid year in that regard. As is seemingly the case every year, Taylor won a metric butt-ton of awards this year, but I’ll give a special shout-out for some of the bigger honors.

Taylor was named CMA Entertainer of the Year, ACM Entertainer of the Year, AMA Artist of the Year, Billboard’s 2011 Woman of the Year, NSAI Songwriter/Artist of the Year, she won CMT’s Video of the Year (“Mine”), was named one of CMT’s Artists of the Year and she was nominated for three Grammy Awards.

Needless to say, she’s had plenty of opportunities to bust out her oft-mocked awards show surprised face.

As if that weren’t enough to go ahead and call it a pretty swell year, she also became the 7th-most powerful celebrity in 2011 with earnings of $45 million.

As such, it’s probably safe to assume that Taylor doesn’t expect me to buy her a present or anything.

I mean, I’d happily buy the gal a drink, but that’s not really her thing.

Instead I’ll do the next best thing and post a major photo montage featuring 22 of my favorite Taylor Swift photos.

Now sure, one could misconstrue this tribute as more of a present for myself than Taylor, but I think she’d appreciate it.




  1. looks like you wanted to get your search hits up again.


    • It certainly doesn’t hurt matters any, but it was also a fitting birthday tribute, methinks.


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