Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 9, 2011

Buy Me Things

This might be the ULTIMATE “Buy Me Things” thing of all-time.

That’s right, My Faithful Readers, what you see is the couch from FRIENDS and it is up for auction next week.

According to the New York Post, it figures to fetch a pretty penny:

“The mohair fabric furniture piece, from the show’s fictional coffee shop, Central Perk, is estimated to sell for anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000.”

The faded orange couch—formerly of the Central Perk—won’t be the only item from the show up for auction either.

Other items include Monica’s rocking horse poster, the yellow peephole frame on her door, some coffee cup art and the “Homemade Pickles 1 cent” jar.

All items were used on the set and will be auctioned off next week in Beverly Hills as part of the “Icons of Hollywood” auction.

So if you just happen to be in Beverly Hills next week, you’ve got like five grand burning a hole in your pocket and you’re not sure what to get me for Christmas, this is probably the right way to go.



  1. Haha I didn’t even have to read the post to see it was the couch from Friends :] Love that show!


    • I was actually kind of shocked to learn that the couch hadn’t disappeared years ago. If I worked on the set, I’d have totally taken off with that thing when the show wrapped up.


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