Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 18, 2011

My Latest Addiction

If you’ve visited Blank Stares and Blank Pages before and/or followed me on the Tweeters or liked the blog (as you should) on the Facebooks, you’re undoubtedly aware that I have a slight caffeine problem.

In an attempt to curb this problem, I’ve been on an Energy Drink Embargo since roughly mid-July. I stopped cold turkey with the energy drinks and No Doz. I’ve still had the occasional soda and/or coffee, but I’ve been laying off the hard stuff.

Then came Pumpkin Spice Latte season and I found a new elixir of choice, espresso.

I started getting all of my PSLs with triple shots of espresso to really kick ‘em up a notch and it was glorious. Then came the day it got perhaps a little too glorious and I was given the greatest PSL of all-time.

That was followed by my insatiable need for caffeine—and more specifically my new obsession, espresso—reaching a ridiculous peak. I started guzzling down multiple lattes a day, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more caffeine.

Then, just recently, I re-discovered the glory of the Starbucks DoubleShot.

I’d avoided ‘em early on, because I thought they were an energy drink, but it turns out only the bigger cans fall in the energy drink family. The tiny cans are just espresso and cream and they are freakin’ delicious. So delicious, that one can safely say I’m addicted.

How addicted you ask?

The pyramid is comprised entirely of empty cans that I drank between noon yesterday and 8:30am today. I’ve had probably three times that many in the last week alone.

To make matters worse, I may have just unleashed this hell-spawn on my newest co-worker, Devin. I feel sorta bad about this because, this is oddly reminiscent of how I got my other (drastically more devious) co-worker, Roshni all hooked on energy drinks.

I think I’ve gone from straight-up caffeine addict to what the kids are a calling “a pusher.”

If you’ve got any way to help a dude out, come on over, I’ll buy you an espresso (or eleven) and we can talk it out.


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