Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 12, 2011

A Moment with Grace

I decided to take a little different approach to this edition of A Moment with Grace.

You see, my new(ish) laptop has Windows 7 and I’ve only really started using this laptop in the past couple of months after my beloved old laptop finally died for good. As such, I’m still slowly adjusting to some of the quirks of Windows 7.

Currently the biggest hurdle for me is dealing with the new version of Microsoft Paint. I like Paint and I use it all the time, so this new super-wonky version is taking a lot of getting used to. That’s why I decided that for this edition of A Moment with Grace, I’d mix things up and try to illustrate the dang thing using Paint.

Since this will be mostly drawings, I’ll give y’all a bit of context.

Grace and I went out to an Irish Pub to grab a bite to eat. It was late. It was a Friday night. We are 200-years old, so we wanted to just get some food, get out, go home, drink some Metamucil, take our multi-vitamins, pop-out the dentures, and call it a night.

The service was slow. The food was subpar. We were surrounded by fratty-looking bros at every angle. All-in-all it was a less-than-pleasant dining experience.

It was, however, made about a gajillion and a half times better when Grace decided to inquire about the dipping sauce for her chicken fingers which she thought was ketchup, because she’s a freak who eats chicken with ketchup.



  1. Not only can I imagine this happening, I could seriously hear this play out in my head. It must be the lifelike drawings. (And don’t think your twitching leg wasn’t lost on me.)


    • I am happy you caught the bouncy leg. I wasn’t sure if anyone would get it.


    • Ditto to everything TPN said. I especially appreciated the bouncy leg! Very life-like.


  2. Hahahahaha!!!! This is my favorite post you’ve ever done! I think you should more continually do comic like posts! Doubly, awkward silence comic moments are my favorite!


    • I aim to please. I just wish the new MS Paint wasn’t so danged wonky.

      …or that I could actually draw.


      • Lets be honest. Hyperbole and a half lady doesn’t have intricate drawings either, but if she could find a way to write about anything other than depression, she’d still be hilarious.


  3. I agree it really does sound like irish ketchup 🙂


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