Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 10, 2011

Buy Me Things

I’m going to keep this one real simple because today’s Buy Me Things entry is a total no-brainer for two very good reasons.

1) I like t-shirts.
2) I like McRibs.

As such, you can see probably understand exactly why you should go ahead and buy me this:

Yep, that’s right folks…we’ve got ourselves a fancy lookin’ McRib shirt right here.

Now, I know what y’all are thinking:

“How is it possible that an impulse shopper such as yourself—who is currently embattled in a serious t-shirt addiction—has not already purchased a product which so blatantly belongs on your back?!?!”

My only response is this…

It’s gonna set a brotha back more than $30 to get his McRib sauce-stained hands on one of these suckers.

I know, right?!

The shirt itself is $24, that’s a little steep for a t-shirt, but for something so obviously made just for me, it’s doable.

Then you get to the shipping and they’re looking for like another $8ish just to have ‘em put it in a plastic grocery bag and duct tape it to a pelican in hopes that he’ll eventually drop it somewhere in the greater Boston metro area.

Author’s Note: I’m not entirely sure that “USPS Priority Mail” actually involves pelicans, duct tape or grocery bags, but that’s how I picture it in my head…

If I want the thing to reliably get here in any sort of timely fashion the shipping costs range from right around $12 to an absolutely redonkulous $81.

That’s too rich for my blood.

Granted, with my birthday a mere 25 shopping days away, it seems like the right time to let all y’all know how bad-ass I think this shirt is. Also, I wear a size large.

You know…for those of y’all who are still searching for gift ideas.

Now close-up shots of the front and back of the shirt for those of you who are still on the fence:



You’re welcome.

UPDATE: So get this, y’all…my Mama totally bought this shirt for me!! It showed up on my birthday!! How freakin’ awesome is that?!



  1. I like your bracelets.


  2. I like how in the close-up, the writing looks like it has something furry growing out of if. Like the McRib is the perfect growth culture for hairy alien life forms.


    • …and now I can’t help but picture a hairy alien when looking at the McRib.



      • Then I would say my work here is done. You’re welcome.


  3. […] get me wrong, I still think it is a God-send. Heck, you don’t own McRib clothing if you’re not a big fan, but I also think that the cheeseburgers at Four Burgers are delicious. I […]


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