Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 7, 2011

4,733,280 Moments with Grace

If you’ve visited Blank Stares and Blank Pages a time or two, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon an entry or two of A Moment with Grace.

Most of these entries are just little snippets of our life. Things like Grace accidentally putting in my contacts instead of her own or getting annoyed when she thinks that I’m going to buy her a gift despite our pledge to not buy one another gifts.

You know, just a bunch of tiny, otherwise innocuous little moments that make up a couples’ life together. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to share damn near 5 million moments with Grace from the day we met in college until today, our ninth anniversary.

We’ve been an official couple for roughly 4.7 million of those moments.

The non-coupley moments consisted of me checking out the hottie in my speech classes, insulting her in front of a full classroom in an attempt to show off my comedic chops, temporarily becoming public enemy number one in her eyes as a result, doing my best to get out of her doghouse and spend as much time with her as possible, hitting on her with all the skills that a goony 18-year-old can and eventually winning her over with a combination of Midwestern charm, laughs and a steady supply of mind-controlling drugs.

Since then she’s morphed from hottie in my freshman speech class to my best friend and the person I care most about in the world.

I know that someday I’m gonna lose that gal to either Johnny Depp, the zombie apocalypse or my own McRib-induced heart explosion, but for the time being I’m going to keep enjoying the crap outta every single moment I get with her and on occasion, y’all will get to be lucky enough to get included on those moments.

…assuming this vomit-inducing blog entry didn’t drive away the entirety of my readership, that is.

PS: Grace, I know you never read my blog, but Happy Anniversary, Babe…you’re the bee’s knees.



  1. This post wins. Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!


  2. I read it, I read it!!!!! Thanks, babe! This is awesome.


  3. […] figure that the only way to follow-up my previous lovey-dovey, vomit-inducing post about Grace is to give you people what you’re used to seeing here at Blank Stares and Blank […]


  4. You probably could have written a longer post


  5. […] a month ago—with our anniversary on the horizon—I told Grace that instead of buying each other presents; we should just buy […]


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