Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | August 31, 2011

Smart Phones are Hard

I posted last week that I’d finally become a civilized member of the modern world and purchased my first smart phone.

Well, I’ve had the phone for two weeks now and I’m still very, very confused as to what I’m doing with it.

I’ve downloaded a couple of baseball-related applications (or “apps” as the cool kids are callin’ ‘em) and I’ve figured out how to get pictures to show up in my contacts list.

…and that’s about it.

Despite the fact that the LG Optimus has been described as the smart phone’s answer to training wheels, I’ve yet to master the fine art of web-browsing on the phone and it takes me like 25 minutes to send a four word text to someone because the buttons are super tiny and I keep pressing the wrong letters.

So if I’ve replied to your texts with something akin to “kjsldfisour” or accidentally “liked” your Facebook status about how you got beaten up by hobos who spit in your mouth and gave you herpes, my apologies, I’ve got no idea what the hell I’m doing with this thing.

Anyway, here’s today’s comic over at Cyanide and Happiness which properly sums up my situation:


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