Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | August 24, 2011

Millennium Man (or Something)

My Faithful Readers, it has finally happened, I’ve joined the twenty-first century.

I’m now the proud bewildered owner of a smart phone, an LG Optimus T to be precise.

That’s right, a week ago, Grace and I decided it was time to update our cell phone plan and get some new phones. Our plan has been up for more than two years and we’ve just been paying month-to-month.

Our previous plan and subsequent texting add-on plans no longer even exist in the T-Mobile system. They’ve long been deactivated and replaced with newer “unlimited” plans. As such, the fine folks at T-Mobile were super pumped to see us finally come in to migrate toward a new plan and some much needed new phones.

I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with the phone and I’m super scared that I’m going to break it with even the slightest bump, but I’m sure all of that will subside once I get more accustomed to having a tiny laptop in my pocket at all times.

I’ve long been hesitant about joining the smart phone era because I get super annoyed when I see people constantly pecking at their phones in bars, airports, ballparks and just about everywhere else.

I figure I’m plugged in more than enough between my job and my home life. I’ve got access to the internet roughly 75% of the time I’m awake as it is and giving myself another avenue to access baseball news or update my asinine Facebook statuses just seems like a bad idea.

Luckily, I’m still in the confused and disorientated stages of smart phone ownership and have yet to become one of those peeps who has his nose perpetually pointed toward the palm of his hand ignoring everything and everyone around him.

I did, however, figure out how to get “Don’t Stop Believin’” as my ringtone…so I’m making babysteps!


  1. so… how much dust did you have to clean off before you could add a entry


    • It took much longer than it deserved to, that’s for damn sure.


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