Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 19, 2011

The One Where I Beg Y’all for a Favor

My Faithful Readers—assuming there are any of you left—I know that I have been a bad blogger in the past year or so. I’ve left y’all wanting and given next to nothing in return. As such, it seems a tad selfish to ask y’all to do something for me, but I’m going to do it anyway.

You see, I’m good at roughly three things in life.

1) Reaching the top shelf of the cupboard.
2) Eating cheeseburgers.
3) Wearing t-shirts.

Today, I’m focusing on my third skill, t-shirts.

You see, I am not someone who usually spends a lot of money on clothes. In fact, it took Grace practically begging me to buy new jeans before I’d give up on the “floppy” pair I wore out a year or so ago.

Yet at some point late last summer, (The) Peter Norman sent me a link to an awesome t-shirt. I purchased the shirt immediately and then began kicking around the website—you know, to ensure it wasn’t a front for the mafia or something—and learned what a bitchin’ concept they were using.

Folks submit t-shirt designs based on a certain theme and then peeps spend a week voting on ‘em and the top three get printed up and sold on the website every weekend.

I was hooked; like, seriously, uncontrollably, unhealthily hooked.

I purchased probably a dozen shirts from shirt.w00t in the following months and that spiraled into my purchasing another dozen or so from Threadless—another fine, albeit overpriced, online t-shirt store—and now I’ve got a legitimate obsession with t-shirts.

That brings me to the favor I’ll be asking of all y’all today.

You see, this week’s theme at shirt.w00t is…wait for it…ZOMBIES!!

I know, right?!

Here’s their rundown…

The undead have taken over pop culture. Whether you subscribe to Romero’s philosophy that it’s because the conflict of teeming undead versus desperate survivors mirrors the socio-economic class warfare waging between the haves and have-nots or the more realistic philosophy that people just like the idea of running around with shotguns and looting crap, you have to admit they’re everywhere. So this week the dead shall rise…up our Derby fog. Give us your best undead designs and don’t spare the macabre. Whether it’s epic conflict against the ghouls or the lamentations of the misunderstood common zombie, show us what all the trendiest post-apocalyptic survivors will be wearing once there’s no room left in hell.

Now comes the favor…I need y’all to vote early and vote often.

Vote for what you ask? Well let me show you…

Yeah, that’s right…it’s a freakin’ zombie-baseball t-shirt.

I believe you need to sign up or create an account or link it to your Facebook or Gmail account or something to vote. Heck you might even have to purchase something to vote, in which case, I won’t hold it against you if you leave me hanging.

UPDATE: After doing a little bit of something called “research,” it turns out that in order to vote on a shirt, you must have made at least one purchase from shirt.w00t previously. Since, I’m not going to force any of y’all to purchase anything just to vote for me, it’s all good…move along, nothing to see here.

If, however, you have the ability to vote and you do not, it will be the end of our friendship. The end I say!

I must have this shirt! We need to get this thing into the top three vote-getters! It’s currently ranked 38th. Let’s fix that, pronto!

Go HERE and vote for this shirt!!

Vote early. Vote often. Tell your friends to vote. Tell your enemies to vote. Tell your friends to vote again, and make ’em feel guilty if they don’t. Make this shizzle viral or bacterial or whatever…just make sure they print this dang shirt!

It’ll be worth it (for me).


  1. And where to I go to help you out? I clicked on awesome t-shirt, and that took me to some weird place. How can I help if I don’t know where to go to help?


    • Well-played…if you click on the “zombie-baseball” link that should take you there…


      This is also the link:

      Granted, upon doing something the kids call “research”…I have discovered that you need to have made a purchase previously to be able to vote. Given that I don’t want to force anyone to purchase a shirt just to help me out, you’re off the hook.


  2. That is an awesome shirt. But I too discovered you have to have bought something before. Geez, the ones ahead of it in the voting are so awful!


  3. Luckily, I’ve bought a few Woot shirts in my day. The voting has commenced.


  4. […] Unlike previous requests, however, I’m not asking anyone to master time travel and physically assault me or help hook me up with an amazing t-shirt. […]


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