Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 12, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True

I’ve blogged about some of my dreams here a time or two before and usually they’re of the zombie or McRib variety, but in the past couple months I’ve been dreaming about work.

I know, right?!

The worst-part is that it’s been really, really, really boring work-related dreams.

I had a dream a month ago that was hours of me shifting books in the stacks. That’s it, just me shifting books from one shelf to another.

I had another a few weeks back that was meeting after meeting after meeting, which coincided with a week in which I was in meetings pretty much non-stop. Needless to say, it’s hard to wake up rested and refreshed when your dreams are filled with the same mind-numbing minutiae that makes up your days.

It’d be one thing if I was having a dream about work where my boss was suddenly replaced with Carrie Underwood and instead of working at the circulation desk we got to hang out in a hot tub shaped like a unicorn or something.

Heck, I’d be perfectly happy if I reverted to some dreams of yesteryear wherein the MIT Libraries fell under siege in a blatant rip-off of Die Hard that saw me serve as the hero with a quick gun and an even quicker wit.

Alas, it is the dreams of applying barcodes and taking notes in a meeting that propagate my dreams nowadays. There was, however, a brief and shining late-night moment a few days back when I had a work dream that was incredibly satisfying.

It started off with me walking into a library that shall not be named.

I am working at this library in the dream and there are a buttload of things that were supposed to get done by other people in said library, but they’ve neglected their duties for weeks upon weeks and many deadlines have passed and still nothing has happened.

So I’m over there asking why nothing has been done yet and they start giving me a bajillion excuses. Then, somewhere in the middle, they complain about the changes and ask me a bunch of other questions that I’ve answered a thousand times.

Long story short, they’re just talking and talking and talking and it’s making me so effin’ angry.

All of the sudden, I snap.

I start screaming at everyone letting them know what I think about them and how incompetent and worthless they are and how they should have been fired and/or drug behind a horse through a desert.

I start tearing the library apart. I’m throwing things and breaking computers and ripping down shelves and I get to drop some F-bombs to some students.

It ended with me flipping their f’n circulation desk and stomping out victoriously.

I woke up smiling.

It felt great.

I’m sure that’s totally healthy.


Now that I put you through all of that rambling, let’s go ahead and give y’all what you clicked for when you read the title, hit it boys:


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