Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 12, 2011

Where Is Your God Now?!

I’m sure you’ve all sat around and wondered what it’d be like if Ke$ha had a little sister with a speech impediment. I know I have.

Undoubtedly, you then wondered what it’d be like if that sister got into the “music industry” with the intent of making music that was some sort of evil hybrid of Kidz Bop for people high on horse tranquilizers and Justin Bieber, sans emotions.

Well, it looks like that dream scenario has finally come to fruition…or something.

Behold the horror insanity awfulness wretchedness dreadfulness misery …um…somethingness that is “Friday” by Rebecca Black:

Ladies and gentlemen, this video must go viral.

You shall watch it—all the way through, dammit—and you shall forward it to others and make them do the same thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not because I’m hoping to make a star out of the hapless Ms. Rebecca Black or earn her any sort of positive notoriety. No, no…rather it is out of spite. I was duped into watching the video and it seems only fair if all of western civilization suffers the same fate.

I was fumbling around on the interwebs on Friday night and bouncing from one YouTube video to another in search of something to kill a few hours. I searched for something along the lines of “bored on a Friday” (or something) and landed on the abomination seen above.

It seems only right that I share it with the world.

You can thank me later.



  1. A post!!!!!!!

    Granted, one featuring a terrible, terrible YouTube video, but a post nonetheless!!!


  2. Um you flow chart is messed up. By all accounts you should like this song…


    • Obviously there are some exceptions.

      Although, it is still stuck in my head days after initially hearing it…I’m worried I’ll have it on my ipod in the next week or so without even realizing what happened.


      • This song is still stuck in your head. How have you not tried to dig it out with a spoon yet…


  3. This is the worst song I’ve heard in a long time. The sad thing is I saw someone on my friend’s list for Facebook with these lyrics and I was all confused and wondering where such awful lyrics came from and then, not ten minutes later, I checked out your blog and saw the video link and then watched it. Then I made my boyfriend watch it because I found it unfair that I had to see something so bad and he didn’t.


    • I like your line of logic on this one. If you sat through, everyone else should as well. It’s only fair.


  4. […] and viral video queen, Rebecca Black earning the crown of “Fastest-Rising Search” isn’t overly surprising, but it’s impressive […]


  5. […] I assume I’m not the only one who thinks this is oddly reminiscent of last spring’s awful, autotuned, viral-sensation “Friday” by Rebecca Black. […]


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