Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 7, 2011

I Lost My Phone Number, Can I Have Yours?

Hey y’all-

This is not a proud day for me. I have long vowed to never be “that guy” who has to send a big ole message to everyone he knows asking for their phone numbers. Unfortunately, my phone (heretofore known as “that piece of shit”) finally died last weekend.

I cannot retrieve any of my numbers or contact information from that piece of shit and since it’s 2011, I don’t actually know anybody’s number by heart (with the exception of Grace’s cell, my parent’s house phone and—for whatever reason—the now non-existent Godfather’s Pizza in Hartley, Iowa).

So if y’all could please hit a brotha up with your digits—or fake digits if you’re looking at this as a “he can’t drunkenly text me about the Twins anymore” blessing in disguise—that would be awesome.

If you don’t want a multitude of strangers to know your number, don’t reply directly to this message. You can send me a private message on Facebook, send an email, use a carrier pigeon, send me a text with your name—so I know who the otherwise random number belongs to—or whatever method feels right to you.

Thanks in advance!


PS: If you don’t recall ever giving me your number in the past and you assume this is just cheap ploy to get your digits for the aforementioned purpose of “drunken Twins texts,” well, you might be right…



  1. um…dude you are with T-Mobile. they have a data card that saves all those things for you. when you get your new phone you take the old data card out of that POS and slip it in to the new hotness. viola numbers transported. if this doesn’t work then i claim user error as i have now been through 4 phones with t-mobile and each worked just fine in the transfer.


    • why do you always suggest the most simple things and assume i haven’t thought of them?!

      in des moines you actually asked me if i’d tried turning it on and off and taken the battery out.

      come on now.

      only a handful of the numbers actually saved to the sim card, the phone defaulted to the “hard drive” or whatever and saved most of ’em right onto the phone instead of the sim card. not something you pay any attention to when saving numbers b/c the number is there and you aren’t real concerned with where/how it saved until your phone dies and you realize you’re starting over basically from scratch.

      although i did still have the number for dominoes and the chinese place around the corner saved, so that’s a bonus.


      • dude…i ALWAYS check to see where my numbers save so that I can transfer them. so saying that you don’t pay attention to them must be a singular thought. I would think when you have something available like that you would make sure that is where they go!



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