Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 23, 2011

Photo Evidence: Al Davis is a Zombie

I know, right?!

I probably should have prefaced this post with some sort of warning about hiding the children and keeping an empty trashcan nearby, you know, just in case. Unfortunately, I did not and now you’ve all been privy to my photographic evidence that Al Davis, owner/dictator of the Oakland Raiders, is–unquestionably–a freakin’ zombie!!

Seriously, take another long, hard look at all-o-that.

Do you wanna try and refute my statement?

I didn’t think so.

I’m sorry I didn’t have any sort of “real” post in me today, but when I stumbled upon this photo, I just figured the world should be made aware that the dead do, in fact, walk among us.

Lock your doors and draw the shades, y’all…because Al Davis could be peepin’ in your windows right now.

Sleep tight.



  1. Well you ruined sleeping for me for the night or month. If you can’t come up with a lengthy write we always welcome the Zombie report. Any form or creative writing will be a good start for you. If needed I will send you a personalized promt 🙂 When you do have slow days I’ll make up for it in length on my blog. O yeah don’t forget the zombie in your closet he could give you a topic too.


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