Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 12, 2011

Buy Me Things

I’m not generally one to whine and cry and beg for things, but…


I mean seriously, look at the freakin’ design on this bad-boy:

…yeah, that’s right folks. How effing cool is that?!

We’re talking about a Werewolf and Care Bear half-breed here. If you can think of anything cooler—note any Chuck Norris and/or unicorn-related submissions will NOT count—please, be my guest.

It’s called “The Curse of the Care Were” and it’s about 173 kinds of amazing.

Shirts like this make me wish that grown-ups still had picture days. In fact, to give you quick glimpse of how bad-ass that would look, peep this:

…yeah, that’s right. Soak it all in. Marinate in the glory of that image and then purchase me the shirt!!

You can find it over at Threadless…and I’m a “large” in case you were wondering.

Thanks in advance!

Note: If you’re not in the mood to buy me a t-shirt, Grace and I could use a new flat-screen TV (preferably 32″ or larger)…or a Playstation 3…or a soft-serve ice cream maker…or a trampoline. Any of those will please my consumeristic needs. Thank you.


  1. I’ll get you the shirt if you get the tatoo.


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