Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 11, 2011

Facebook is Changing…Again

It looks like Facebook is forcing yet another change upon the humble masses who inhabit it.

I guess we can’t really argue, it is the most popular site in the world and it is still free, so they can pretty much jerk us around whenever they want with little or no recourse.

My assumption is that this will go like every other major Facebook change has gone.

There will be uproar for a brief period of time about how it sucks and people will cry for a return to the old version (which they’d previously bitched about and clamored to get rid of in the initial stages).

A bunch of “change Facebook back to the way it was” groups will be set up and ultimately die a rather quick death when peeps realize nothing is changing and within a few months, no one will even remember what the old version of Facebook looked like.

Honestly, can anyone legitimately remember what Facebook looked like in the spring of 2009? How about 2007? Or how’s about waaaaaay back in the infancy stages of 2005?!



Granted, this could also prove to be the tipping point where we’ve all come to accept the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is god of our social media world and we must all play by his rules.

If that’s the case, it’ll actually be both sad and refreshing to see that the small—yet always vocal—band of rogue Facebook users have finally given into his will.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle.

I’m never big on the switch, but never really concerned enough to make a big deal about it and I generally play the role of brainwashed sheep and forget the new, old Facebook within a matter of weeks.

Although to show I’m a real man who is going to stand his ground, I won’t be voluntarily switching my profile ahead of time. No, no…I’m going to wait until Facebook does it for me.

That’s right, y’all…I’m a rebel.

Deal with it.

…or don’t.

I could care less, because I’m a rebel.



  1. Solidarity! *fist*


  2. You could care less huh? How much less do you have to care before you become an uber-rebel?


    • I suppose, I’d have to care less-er enough to not blog about it?!


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