Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 20, 2010

Tooting My Own Horn

I know it’s sorta douchey to toot your own horn, but I’m about to toot the crap outta mine.

Why would I turn into such a colossal d-bag, you ask, my Faithful Readers?!

Well today, my rambling tribute to the Chuck Norris Burger was a featured tweet on the “A Hamburger Today” Twitter account.

Additionally, the top tweet stays on the official A Hamburger Today” website, so I’ve been linked to the front page of AHT for most of the day.

I’m pretty stoked because AHT is pretty much my favorite source for burger-related blogging and insights.

It’d be like if some of my baseball writing got featured on Sporting News or if some of my pop-culturey crap got featured on Cracked or if my zombie love stories could ever be uttered by the zombie king on live television.

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  1. This is the proudest I’ve ever been of you, my friend.


  2. The first few are a little far fetched, but I believe you might have a chance with the zombie king.


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