Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 20, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #070 & #071

My buddy Shayna is in roller derby. Honestly, I don’t know if this post requires any more back story than that to be totally awesome, but I’ll give you some anyway.

Last Saturday night a bunch of us loaded up to go watch Shayna (aka: “Salome Splatter”) kick some major booty with her derby crew, the infamous “Cosmonaughties.”

After the game—an AWESOME comeback victory for the ‘Naughties—our crew rolled out to find some sustenance and where did we end up?!

Well, Wendy’s, of course…

Cheeseburger #070 & #071

What: Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers

When: July 17, 2010

Where: Wendy’s—but not the ghetto one!

How (was it): Not too shabby. I mean it was still Wendy’s, so the bar can only be set so high for quality, but damned if this wasn’t the best Wendy’s I’ve eaten at in my entire life. The place was clean and fancy and pretty much blew my mind.

The staff was friendly and speedy and attentive. The food was hot and tasted good. The burgers themselves were melty and delicious. All-in-all, I’ve got no complaints about this Wendy’s experience.

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