Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 20, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #068

While I was back home, I tried to avoid eating cheeseburgers as much as possible. This was because of a self-ordained rule that I couldn’t eat more burgers until I finally got around to writing about the buttload of them I’d already eaten.

Unfortunately, this plan went awry when Craiggers decided it was a good day for Juicy Lucys after my plane landed.

As such, I allowed myself a few slip-ups while I was home. I managed to avoid eating any burgers during the Fourth of July—a freakin’ Herculean effort if ever there was one—but when I went to visit my friends Travis and Tricia, my lunching options were limited to burgers or sketchy northwest Iowa Chinese food. I chose the former after I decided that the latter would likely kill me.

Being that McDonald’s is still about as embargoed as can be (and believe me, the embargo came under heavy fire for its complete lack of sense whilst I was home), the only real option was Hardee’s.

So away I went with Tricia to Hardee’s .

Cheeseburger #68

What: Bacon-Cheese Thickburger

When: July 6, 2010

Where: Hardee’s (Estherville, IA)

How (was it): Fake. Everything about this thing tasted fake. I’m not gonna lie, although I was pleasantly engaged in conversation with Miss Trish, this burger kept drawing my attention as I’d double and triple check to ensure I wasn’t eating some sort of Christmas ornament or child’s play toy.

I don’t know what it was, but everything about this burger tasted fake. The meat had that fake charbroiled taste. The onions, the tomatoes, all of it tasted chemically-enhanced and unreal.

It was incredibly disturbing.

I find it amusing that prior to starting the Chronicles I hadn’t eaten at Hardee’s in like a decade, now I’ve had Hardee’s twice in roughly six months and both times it was incredibly disappointing. Perhaps there’s a reason I’ve avoided it for long?!

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