Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 19, 2010

Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me

Not everyone is a great speller. It’s cool. It happens.

Everyone forgets the occasional apostrophe or semicolon or whatever.

I get that. I’m not generally one to go all Grammar Nazi (largely because I write like I talk, which is borderline retarded) and I’m not big on mocking people for their spelling miscues.

That is, however, unless the spelling miscues and/or grammar screw-ups are made on a sign that is intended to display some sort of authority by an employer who I am not exactly fond of at the moment.

For Example:

Well done, MIT, somehow, the most prestigious technical institution in the world appears to be using computers that lack spell-check. Kudos!

Now I realize that in mocking the Parking and Transportation peeps, I’ve probably already ensured that anytime I bring an automobile near campus and/or intend to lock up a bike, I’ll be receiving a ticket.

Luckily, they appear big on spelling things phonetically, so I can’t imagine a ticket made out to Jeruhmyuh Grayvs will stand up in court.

Note: If/when one of you notices that I’ve made some sort of spelling and/or grammar error in this very post, please tell a brotha in private to lessen the karmic kick in the balls I’m destined to recieve receive.

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