Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 19, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #063

Now before someone gets on my case about this being the fourth burger I’d eaten in roughly twenty four hours, I want you to be well aware that if you watch the date stamps on these next couple of burgers, you’re going to wonder how I’m still up and kicking.

Anyway, Grace and I went out to Bukowski’s Tavern, a pretty popular burger joint here in Boston, that’d I’d never been to before and it was a pretty swell time.

We were leaving town the next day to spend the better part of a week in the woods with Grace’s family and our fridge was pretty bare, so it seemed like the right move.

With that in mind, here is my first Bukowski’s experience.

Cheeseburger #063

What: California Burger

When: June 11, 2010

Where: Bukowski’s Tavern

How (was it): It was a pretty damn good burger. The whole avocado thing on a burger is seemingly a hard trick to perfect for lots of places. You need fresh avocado and you need just the right amount to keep from having it all sloppy and goopy and/or from having it pretty much devoured by the burger itself. The fine folks at Bukowski’s found that perfect middle ground.

The avocado mixed great with the bacon and the burger was a happy medium, so all was super-duper.

Unfortunately, they turn the lights down so low at Bukowski’s that I could barely see Grace across the table from me, let alone take a snapshot of my burger. I’m not sure what kind of sketchy operation they’re running in the dark, but if the food is going to be that good, I’ll deal with it.

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