Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 18, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #049

If you’ve learned anything about me in your time here at “Blank Stares and Blank Pages” it is that I am a fan of cheeseburgers and I make poor-decisions, frequently.

This entry is a combination of those two certainties in my life.

That’s because this post involves, ghetto Wendy’s…

Cheeseburger #049

What: Bacon and Blue Burger

Where: Wendy’s in Central Square

When: April 18, 2010

How (was it): Let me go ahead and start this thing off by saying that I’m not proud of myself on this one. I know I’d basically sworn of Wendy’s—or at least the rapidly-declining Bacon and Blue Burger—after my last less-than-awesome experience nearly a month ago.

I went meandering today, mostly with the intent to get some contact goo and return a movie at Blockbuster. I decided I’d get a burger while I was out because, well, that’s what I do…but before I could get to my original destination (Four Burgers) it started pouring.

To duck out of the rain, I took shelter in Wendy’s and thought What the hell? and sauntered up to the counter and made my order.

Whilst waiting for my order some crazy old bitty came in ranting and raving (this is an all-too-common occurrence at this particular establishment) and insulted the guy behind the counter, the food, the service and eventually went on a ten minute rant about the lack of serving trays.

As such, I decided to hightail it outta there when my food (which did come pretty darn slow for a lazy Sunday afternoon) finally made its way into my grubby paws. I bolted to avoid the crazy lady who had made awkward eye contact and I ate down the street near my apartment on some picnic tables.

I unwrapped the burger and took a bite and noticed something was amiss.

That delectable secret sauce? Missing.

The delicious sautéed onions? Missing.

The freakin’ bacon? Missing.

That’s right the BACON and Blue burger had been served without bacon or the special sauce or the freakin’ onions. What this meant was that I had a burger with a big steaming pile of melted blue cheese and a slice of gnarly lettuce on top. That was it!!

Unfortunately, I was already blocks from Wendy’s and just said screw it and finished my burger.

It wasn’t good. I don’t really like blue cheese unless it’s got stuff to mix with…and it didn’t. So it was pretty freakin’ gross.

I’m still not ready to Embargo Wendy’s, but I sure as hell am warming up to the idea of burning it to the ground.

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