Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 29, 2010

Traveling is Hard

When I fly, it is very common that I’ll leave Boston in the wee morning hours in an attempt to stretch out my time on the other end of the trip.

Generally it is totally worth it to leave Boston before 6am if it means I’ll be back in the ole Midwest somewhere around 8 or 8:30am. It just makes good sense.

If I wait to leave until a reasonable hour, say 8 or 9am, it’ll be damn near noon before I get back that way.

Anyway, it’s early. I’m pounding this out on the airplane at 5:37am and I’ve already been up for like two and a half hours.

Being that it’s so early taxis were a little hard to come by this morning.

Central Square generally quiets down for the evening somewhere around two or three in the morning and—being that it’s Spring Break—Cambridge is pretty dead right now anyway.

That having been said, cabs are hard to hunt down.

As such, I’m pretty much their bitch when it comes to the fare.

This was never more evident than Saturday morning when my cab ride to the airport—which is normally a $20-$25 expenditure—turned into a $40 clusterfuck.

…before tip.

If that weren’t enough of a pain in the ass, I also got to listen to some serious pre-dawn taxi drama.

The entire trip there was a group of cabbies screaming over the CB radio at each other. It ended with what I’m assuming was their boss suddenly coming on the airwaves and going on a psychotic rant about one of the dude’s attitude and overall demeanor.

He then proceeded to fire him.

Over the radio, with everyone listening.

This was all done with one long, breathless rant that sounded something like this: “I don’t care who hears it, I’ll say it loud over the radio. I want everyone to hear it! I hate you. You’re a shitty man with a shitty attitude. You’ll never work for me again. You’re fired. You’re fucking fired!!”

To this my cabbie—who was fare-raping me—broke in with a mini-rant of his own, talking about how the recently-fired cabbie was, in fact, a shitty man with a shitty attitude.

All of this took place at roughly 4:30 in the morning. Pre caffeine.

Traveling is hard.

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