Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 22, 2010

Yahoo! Answers #002

Hey y’all, I’m back with another quasi-daily dose of Yahoo! Answers for your reading/mocking enjoyment.

Today’s entry comes from “Kim16757” who is obviously a very classy gal just lookin’ for love.

Personally, I’m a little confused by the timeline in question here.

Apparently she has been “messin’ around with this guy” for an indeterminable amount of time.

As such, I’m a little confused as to why he’s just NOW getting a picture of her?

Every teenager I’ve ever seen (note: it’s pretty safe to assume she’s a teenager here because, well…duh) has their phone out taking pictures of everything, so I’m confused as to why she’d have to physically hand him a picture—as is implied by the phrase “gave him a pic” as opposed to the more modern colloquialism “sent him a pic.”

Let’s be honest, who under the age of 50 is still handling real, tangible photos and not just JPGs? Sketchy? I think so…

Finally, Kim16757 throws me for a loop with her commentary regarding a girlfriend?! Seriously, where does that come from?!

I think to adequately answer her question—which I think is simply “why hasn’t he texted me?”—I’d need some serious back-story on this potential girlfriend situation.

I’d hate to think that a wordsmith who has such an eloquent way with the written word would be “the other gal” in this scenario. It’d be just heartbreaking.

What do you think, my Faithful Readers?!

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  1. You’re just mad ’cause she’s empowered.


    • Dear Bethany,

      a) Thanks for swinging by my blog, always awesome.

      b) Thanks for commenting, I don’t get enough of that.

      c) How in the blue-hell is she “empowered?” She meandered to the website equivalent of a drunken bar room for advice on why a guy, who clearly isn’t in to her, won’t call her back?! Explain how that somehow equals “empowerment.” If she were actually empowered none of us would know about her problem because she’d have dealt with this guy herself, rather than turning it into some sad online exercise in insecurity.

      d) Why would I be mad that some total stranger is “empowered?”


      • C and D, I was sure would be hints as to my jest. “Homer, Mr. Burns can’t see that you’re winking.”


      • …touche, Bethany…touche!!


  2. um . . . sent him a pic clearly means sent him a NUDE pic. her pic is now online on some pedophile website and he and his friends are having a great laugh about it. sadly, and i can’t believe I am saying this, girls should NOT send nude photos of themselves to anyone. especially somone who is clearly not interested. they have no control of who sees the content.


    • you didn’t mention anything about dudes not sending nude pics…

      …you’re sexist.


  3. What I can’t figure out is, if she “had sex with him about a week and a half ago” and only gave him the picture of herself “the other day”…how did he not see what she looked like when they were having sex? Furthermore, if they had already had sex, why would she feel the need to send him a picture? This whole scenario seems quite sketchy to me.


    • I totally agree. The timeline she’s established makes absolutely no sense.

      I think we have what the English literature crowd refers to as an “unreliable narrator” and that’s just too bad, because I’m sure she has a wonderful story to tell…if she knew what the hell she was talking about.


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