Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 22, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #037

My Faithful Readers, you should probably know something about me.

I’m a man who likes cheeseburgers.

What’s that? You already knew that about me?! Oh…weird.

Well, additionally, I’m also a man who has a horrible, horrible tendency to keep going back to something time and time again once I’ve had a great experience with it. This will continue until I have a bad experience, thus breaking the spell.

It is because of this awful tendency that I had to institute embargos on McDonalds and Burger King (FYI: the two year anniversary is Wednesday).

It’s because of this tendency that I’ve had weeks where I eat the same thing for lunch five or six days in a row.

It’s because of this tendency that I returned to Wendy’s for yet another Bacon and Blue burger last Tuesday night.

Cheeseburger #037

What: Wendy’s Bacon and Blue Burger

Where: Ghetto Wendy’s in Central Square

When: March 16, 2010

How (was it): Despite my best wishes that it’d be awful and greasy and I could return to a life where—like the rest of the population—I have no desire to eat at Wendy’s on a regular basis, let alone the super ghetto Wendy’s.

Alas, that was not to be the case.

Once again, the burger was amazing.

I’m not a big bleu cheese guy, but these cats pile on the sautéed onions, their fancy-assed sauce, the bacon, and all the other toppings and it is like the perfect ingredient to make all of that other good shizzle just sorta come together in a big ole flavor ‘splosion…in my face!

My God, I hope the next one is awful, or it might be time to establish a Wendy’s Embargo.

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