Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 11, 2010

Shout-Outs: Burgerman

Honestly, I could be giving this dude a shout-out simply because he dresses like a burger, eats tons of burgers, and has adopted Burgerman as his moniker.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this means I’ve got to go back to the drawing board in terms of names for my first-born. That fact notwithstanding, this guy is pretty bad-ass.

Burgerman (aka: Sam Novey) is a 22-year-old dude with two pretty kick-ass goals.

Atop that list of goals is to run the Boston Marathon wearing the sexy burger suit you see to the right.

Second on his list of goals is to raise $100,000 for Citizens Schools.

Citizen Schools is a nonprofit organization that brings in community members, businesses, and college students to teach middle schoolers real life and job skills.

Burgerman’s lofty $100,000 goal would help expand the program into an additional twenty classrooms.

I’m not one for telling people where to toss their money, but if you’re going to sponsor anyone in the Boston Marathon this year—and odds are you’re at least going to get asked to do so—why not this guy?!

I mean seriously, how cool would it be to tell people you sponsored the gigantic burger dude?!

At least you know he’d be easy to spot when he comes truckin’ through Natick and Newton or when he comes rumblin’ by Fenway and on toward Boylston.

If you need any more incentive, how’s about this:

Yeah, that’s right…he’s got his own Rocky-themed montage video to get y’all fired up about his exploits.

Plus, if that doesn’t have you hankerin’ for a trip to b.good for a big ole cheeseburger, well then golly, I don’t know what will.

Burgerman, this shout-out’s for you…

PS: If I could borrow that suit sometime, that’d be swell.


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