Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 13, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #017

So after my first experience with a LaVerdes cheeseburger, I decided I had to go back and give it another go’round.

After all, the first experience had been both good and bad, so logically I needed to try it again and see if it was more of the former or the latter.

So I sauntered into LaVerdes and should be behind the counter but the best guy on staff.

He takes my order and I watch as he seasons the patty on both sides, he cooks up extra bacon, he puts the mound of bacon on the burger and then melts the TWO slices of cheese on top of it to hold it all together.

I F-ing LOVE this dude. If I could tip at LaVerdes, he’d have totally earned it.

How was the burger you ask? Well, let’s dive right in:

Cheeseburger #017

What: Bacon Cheeseburger

Where: LaVerdes

When: February 9, 2010

How (was it): This time around, the burger was bad-ass. Sure, sure it’s still a frozen patty cooked up on char-broiler, but the dude behind the counter negated all of that in the preparation.

The patty was very flavorful, the melty cheese was intertwined with the bacon. Plus, anytime someone hooks you up with extra bacon and cheese, it’s a good day.

The toppings were all fresh and delicious.

It was a hella good burger.

The only problem is that I’ve now developed a mental block where I’ll only order burgers—and probably any food—from LaVerdes if it’s “my guy” behind the counter.

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