Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 16, 2010

Ten Random Thoughts Whilst Watching TV on a Friday Night

01) I’m not really paying any attention to the whole Conan vs Leno thing and I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a late night show, but either way I’m going with Conan O’Brien.

Us pale folks gotta stick together.

02) Based on the trailer for “Edge of Darkness” it appears as though the only movies Mel Gibson stars in anymore involve something killing/kidnapping a family member and him searching for revenge.

03) Kristen Wiig is undoubtedly the hottest cast-member in the history of Saturday Night Live. I’m a huge fan of gals who rock the sexy and funny combination and she pulls it off better than anyone in the history of SNL.

Second-place is the best any other cast-member can hope for, my apologies to Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Silverman.

04) If Morgan Freeman ain’t narrating it. I ain’t watchin’ it. Period.

05) I don’t remember the last time I actually took a bath. Anyone out there remember baths? They’re like showers, except that you just sorta sit in a pool of your filth.

06) Iowa Lakes Community College was just featured on a national Duracell commercial. The windmill thingity-mer-bobbers they showed can be seen from my parents’ place.

I am going to assume that the lovely Miss Tricia Morfitt was in charge of hooking ILCC up with a major marketing campaign. Go Northwest Iowa.

07) I’m intrigued by Ellen Page.

She’s cute. She’s funny. She’s a pretty solid actress.

So why the Cisco commercials?!

Additionally, why the completely pointless, incredibly unfunny Cisco commercials?!

08) That really annoying guy who promises he can get you free money, you know the one, the dude with the question mark clothes (no, not The Riddler).

Well, he looks a whole-big-lot like one of my co-workers. So much so that I may demand my to-remain-unnamed coworker dress up in a question mark suit of his own for Halloween…or staff meetings.

You know, whenevs, there is certainly no wrong time for a suit of that caliber.

09) I am—at bare minimum—like 87% sure that Sandra Bullock doesn’t actually age. I find this both impressive and somewhat scary. I am worried she’s been eating babies for years to maintain her youthful hottieness.

10) If there was a way to punch commercials in the stones, I’d do it in a heartbeat.



  1. I am SO much in favor of the question-mark suit plan. I’ll even help make the suit if need be.

    Also, totally random but makes me feel a little cool – the cute little girl in the Edge of Darkness trailer? I totally know her. I worked for her dad all through college and remember when she was just a wee infant. (I know a celebrity! Woo hoo!) 😉


    • Rock on!! You’re technically a celebrity, by default.


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