Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 15, 2010

A Moment with Grace

One of my favorite things about Grace is that she always finds it necessary to clarify things that don’t require clarification, often times resulting in an unintentional insult of sorts.

For Example:

Grace: “G’morning, Graves…your hair looks great today.”
Me: “Thanks…”
Grace: “Not that it doesn’t always look good, but it looks really good today; definitely better than yesterday.”

You see how that devolved there folks?!

A simple comment that required no further clarification turns into an odd little shot at my hair the previous day.

Today’s moment with Grace is another fine example of such activity.

Grace and I were on the bus the other day, on our way back from an altogether uninspiring lunch at Flat Patties.

The bus, as is the unfortunate norm, was full of crazies, smelly people and annoying Harvard kids and there was some limited space.

Grace settled into a seat by a creepy dude with some dry-cleaning and I stood near here, swinging to and fro from the handle thingys like a monkey.

As the bus started to fill up and it became evident I may have to give up my enviable perch Grace says to me:

“If you move back, I’ll just follow you.”

To which I reply:

“Okay, cool…”

She then stopped and got silent for a second and then looked back up at me to clarify:

“…to the back of the bus. Not Iowa. I will NOT move back to Iowa.”

She then resumed gleefully staring out the window.

She’s one of a kind folks.

One of a kind, indeed.



  1. ❤ that woman!


    • …ditto!!


  2. me three!


  3. Grace rocks my face off.


  4. hahahaha, i love it!


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