Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 6, 2010

2010: The Year of Stuff Actually Happening (Hopefully)

I’ve never been big on the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing.

Granted, that’s because I’ve also never been any good at sticking with any spur of the moment ideas that suddenly seem so important in the waning days of December.

For instance, say I decide on December 30th that I’m looking a lil chunky and could afford to shed a few pounds. Why the heck should I be any more motivated come January 1st than I should be at any other time?!

January for me, generally is a month where I’m doing nothing but thinking about how close Spring Training is, beginning preparations in earnest for another season of fantasy baseball and lamenting about how much I miss everyone back home after a lengthy Christmas break has ended.

As such, I’m not in the mood to spend the entire month trying to accomplish life-changing resolutions that became a good idea in mid-to-late December.

That is why New Year’s resolutions aren’t my thing. Instead I make goals.

Goals are w-a-y better than resolutions.

I don’t necessarily have to start them at the tick of midnight when I’m all-kinds of full-up on cheap champagne and holiday cheer. I don’t feel any sort of guilt or remorse if/when I eventually stumble and fall in pursuit of goals.

Resolution just sounds so rigid and built for failure. Goal just sounds like something you’re going to take some swings at and if you strike out, big deal, it was just a goal after all.

I’ve mentioned some of these random goals once or twice already in the fading days of 2009 and I’ve got a pre-existing list of goals, some of which I’m well on my way toward accomplishing.

I’m sure I’ll drop a few more goals on y’all at some point as the year progresses, but for today, you’ll just get a short list.

I like lists and I like being able to check things off lists. Often times that’s why the first thing I put on every list is “finish this list” that way I can go ahead and start things off with an accomplishment.

It is quite the little motivational tool, really it is.

Anyway, without any further ado, here is my short list of new goals for 2010:

Finish This List

-Um, finish this list, duh.

Win Something

-I have a tendency to never really win anything that allows me some serious bragging rights.

In my fantasy baseball league with my friends, I’ve dominated the regular season nearly every year only to fall to a team on a hot streak in the playoffs. After 10 seasons, that’s gotten frustrating.

Additionally, the mighty Bibliotechs reached the rarified air of the championship game late last summer only to fall in a loss that was, frankly, a little embarrassing.

As such, I am making it a goal to actually win something this year.

Eat (a little) Better

-I’m not going to get all asinine here and assume that I can become some sort of healthy eater, that’s just ridiculous and ain’t happening.

Instead—largely at the request of Ms. Mlady—I’m going to try and make a few smarter choices here and there.

I made my first big step (and yes, this qualifies as a big step for me) the other day when I ordered steamed broccoli with my burger instead of fries. Granted it was a bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and onion rings on it, so the broccoli addition was akin to spitting in the ocean and assuming it has an impact on the overall depth.

Whatevs, baby steps, right?!

Take More Pictures

-Grace and I have a pretty bitchin’ lil camera. It fits in my pocket or her tiny purse. It is super speedy and holds like eighty-gajillion photos.

Despite all that, we often leave it sitting at home or in the aforementioned pocket and tiny purse.

I want to take a whole bunch more photos in 2010, if for no better reason that to return to my old habit of switching up my Facebook profile picture like 150 times a year.

Sack Lunch Style

-This is a goal I’ve created and failed at (usually quite miserably) many times in the past, but I figure I might as well throw it out there again.

I’d say on a good week, I only go out to eat twice for lunch. Granted, I’ll often convince Grace into going out to eat at least one night of the week for supper. On a bad week, I’ll go out for lunch like five times and out for supper like three times.

On a real bad week, I’ll eat out for lunch six times and not eat the rest of the week.

So my goal is to try my damndest to bring lunch to work.

So. Much. Energy.

-I’ve tried quitting energy drinks before. I’ve failed and I’ve succeeded, but the fact that I’m still sucking them down at a rate that can only be described as “what the hell is that dude’s problem” proves that I’ve never really succeeded in quitting.

I usually can get off the sugary cans of deliciousness for a month or two before I find myself craving one on some idle Thursday morning. Then I’m hooked again.

As such, I’m planning to wean myself off of the sugary stuff with a goal of going the entire period of MIT’s GetFit without sucking down any of these delicious concoctions.

Here’s hoping it’s possible.

Make Some Money

-All of my friends back home are making drastically more money than me and this sorta pisses me off. Not because I don’t want them to be successful or anything, but because there is absolutely no good reason for me to be bringing up the rear on the monetary train.

Maybe I’ll find someone willing to pay me to write about baseball. Maybe I’ll get a second, part-time job. Maybe I’ll start manufacturing and selling meth to unsuspecting school children. Maybe I’ll just start robbing 7-11s with my new pellet gun. Maybe I’ll win a ton of money in the NFBC this year. Maybe I’ll demand a sizable raise, whilst wearing a vest made of dynamite.

Whatever the case may be, I want to make some money this year.

There we have it, my Faithful Readers, the first short list of new goals for 2010.

I have no idea how long any of these goals will last, but I’m hoping I can at least put up a decent fight on some/any/all of them.

If any of all y’all have some other goals you think I should strive for this year, please lemme know and I’ll see what I can do about ‘em.

Happy New Year, y’all…



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