Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 5, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles 2010 – Introduction

I’ve been asked many, many times how many cheeseburgers I eat in a year.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to provide a substantial answer. As such, I usually reply with a simple, and perhaps understated, “a lot.”

I know that in Southie—pre-Burger King Embargo—I was eating hamburgers at bare minimum twice a week, just from BK. I’ve also been known to snag a burger on campus during lunch and meander to other popular burger joints.

As such, it’s entirely possible that I plowed through well over 100-150 burgers during 2007 in Southie.

In early(ish) 2008, I enacted the BK Embargo and haven’t eaten there since (hip-hip-hooray!) and made big strides in cutting down my burger consumption.

Then we moved to Cambridge.

In Cambridge we live a veritable stone’s throw (albeit a pretty solid throw) from a McDonald’s. It wasn’t too big of an issue when we first moved here, as I was on the high from the BK Embargo and felt I didn’t need to succumb to Mickey D’s.

That all lasted about three months; then I went nuts and was eating at McDonald’s two times a week or worse. As such, I enacted the McDonald’s Embargo and cut those bad-boys outta my diet as well.

As such, I’ve taken to gobbling up most of my cheeseburgers on campus, at Four Burgers, at other restaurants, and/or eating shame burgers at Wendy’s.

Anyway, as is often the case, I’ve gotten off-track here.

The main point of this whole rambling spiel was to let y’all know that I’m planning to track my burger intake this year so that come January 1, 2011, I’ll finally have an acceptable answer whenever someone asks me how many burgers I eat in a year.

My game plan is to chronicle the type of burger, where I ate it, when I ate it, whether or not it was any good, and—if I remember each time—a photo of the burger.

Let the games begin.



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  2. I’m a fan of the phrase “as such,” but dear God Newbie, are you trying to set a world record?

    (Apparently my inner commenter is Dr. Cox. I hope you don’t mind.)


  3. […] there we have it, I’ve finally got an answer to the question that prompted this entire series in the first place, how many burgers do I eat in a year? […]


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