Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 13, 2009

Shout-Outs: Itty-Bitty


Roshni is awesome.


For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Roshni, you can get a quick glimpse here, here, here and, of course, here.

Anyway, back to my point.

Roshni is awesome.

And she’s awesome beyond the fact that she’s a hard-worker, the klutziest human on the planet, and has an encyclopedia-like knowledge of old television shows…she’s awesome because she’s just a little kooky.

Today’s example of the aforementioned kookiness is what compelled me to write this little ditty.

Here’s a little back-story for y’all: we are doing a bunch of annoying signage work in one of the other libraries on campus.

Long story short, we had to go through and manually check what books are on every shelf, create a new database for aisle tags, create a new template for aisle tags, print the aisle tags and now we have to go and switch out all of the old signs.

Roshni—because she’s most-likely a CIA-created worker robot—has done a big ole chunk of this work herself.

Today we’re headed over there to put in more signs and Roshni told me that because she’s, well, a borderline midget, she’s struggled to reach the signs to switch them out.

As a result, Itty-Bitty spent most of her last sign-switching adventure dragging a stool along from aisle to aisle so that she could reach the signs.

In an effort to remedy that situation, she’s gone a whole different route today.

Today she brought in a pair of high heels.

That’s right, my Faithful Readers, she’s chosen to voluntarily wear high heels whilst primarily working on her feet.

So rather than drag a stool around, she’ll be uncomfortably clicking her way around the other library at an altitude roughly an inch or so higher than she’s accustomed to.

All of this will take place while she’s dressed in her usual khakis and hoodie—of course—thus making her quite the amusing sight—and sound—to behold for all library patrons.

It is kinda crazy…but it’s also awesome. So awesome that I nearly spit Red Bull out of my nose because I was laughing so hard when she told me about it.

So today, this shout-out is all yours, Itty-Bitty.

Keep bringing the crazy!



  1. yessssss. I hope she’s still over there when I get into work at 2! That sounds magical.


  2. Sounds like a candidate for TPN’s photo album–the one about colleagues at work.


  3. […] this because, this is oddly reminiscent of how I got my other (drastically more devious) co-worker, Roshni all hooked on energy […]


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