Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 8, 2009

Live From Boston, It’s Saturday Night Lame…


Somehow I’ve stumbled upon the “Wanda Sykes Show” on FOX tonight.

If nothing else, tonight proves that my life has gone terribly awry, but beyond that, this horribly predicament shows me that, without a doubt, Wanda Sykes sucks at life.

I’m pretty sure that her fifteen minutes of fame ticked off the clock about six years ago, so why the hell is she getting a show now?!

Perhaps the bigger question would be why networks are deciding that now is the time to get in on the “late night” action.

TBS has already made the ill-fated decision to give George Lopez his own late night show.

Anyone who listened to me rant and rave during the Major League Baseball playoffs knows how much I hate George Lopez.

That dude’s annoying commercials (the two least-annoying of which can be seen HERE and HERE) aired roughly every 18 seconds during the playoff games on TBS.

Some Googling shows me that Lopez is—supposedly—a comedian.

To think, I just thought he was some annoying jackass, who knew.

The fact that he is a comedian boggles my mind. I could have sworn that people had to be funny or unique or—at the very least—mildly amusing to be a comedian.

As it turns out that’s clearly not the case.

Anyway, moving on, let’s get back to Wanda Sykes.

When the playoffs shifted to FOX, baseball fans got the same awful punishment that we did on TBS, but instead of George Lopez every 18 seconds we got painful Wanda Sykes promos rammed up our patooties.

Three minutes spent on YouTube taught me all I need to know about Wanda Sykes.

Apparently she is George Lopez.

The only differences are that she’s a chick, not a dude; and instead of making a big deal about being Mexican dude in white America, she makes a big deal about being a black woman in white America.

She’s equally unfunny and thanks to her grating voice, about twice as annoying.

At this point I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that this show is on national television or the fact that I wasted 45 seconds of my life watching it.

Ugh…Saturday Night Lame, indeed.


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