Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | October 22, 2009

End of an Era


My Faithful Readers, I come to you today with a heavy heart.

Today I have to announce the end of an era.

I recently learned that the MIT Libraries will be discontinuing the storied tradition of overnight shifts during finals week, starting with this semester.

According to the website’s hours listings, we’ll only be staying open until 2am, rather than all-night.

Technically, nothing has been “officially” announced yet, but if it’s made it to the website already…it’s pretty much a done-deal.

This is unfortunate for many reasons.

First and foremost, I used the finals week overnight shifts as a serious cash cow.

You see, in this job were aren’t blessed with Christmas bonuses or anything like that and given the “trying times” substantial raises are a little hard to come by. As such, working an extra 20+ hours per week in the middle of night is a good way to pad the paycheck a little, especially right before the holidays.

Additionally, I’m going to miss the incredible fodder for delirious, sleep-deprived blogging that overnights provided.

As any avid reader of my blog is aware, the “Dear Diary” series was born as a result of the nocturnal activities of MIT nerd population.

It is a shame that—unless I’m in the mood to begin hanging out in trees outside the dorms—I’ve lost my window into the world of sleepless supernerds.

With the knowledge that “Dear Diary” and my twice-a-year cash windfall are no more, I recommend all y’all spend a minute of silence in memory and then—as we do in Iowa—pour a forty on the curb for those who couldn’t be here.

…’tis a gosh-darn shame!!


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