Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | September 5, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever. (again)

worstbloggereverOkay, so August was not a good month for blogging.

In fact, August is historically one of my worst blogging months.

I wrote grand total of nine blogs between here and my sports blog in August of this year.


There have been times where I post that many in a two-day stretch.

Needless to say I fell quite short of my ill-fated goal—20 blogs here and 20 sports blogs in August.

What can I say, August was a busy month. Between softball and vacation and chillin’ with Grace and wanting to take advantage of nice weather, I just couldn’t seem to find anything to write about.

This is often the case in August.

In fact, in the nearly four full years that I’ve been blogging this is only the second time I’ve ever written anything in August. The previous time was 2006 when I also had four measly little posts prior to Grace and I heading out east.

I actually wrote an article entitled Worst Blogger Ever… back August of 2006 declaring what an awful blogger I was.

As such, I’m here today to let y’all know that I ain’t dead yet…I just suck at blogging in the summer and I am—once again—the Worst Blogger Ever.

With that in mind, I won’t be setting any blogging goals this month. In fact, I’ll simply be happy if I get past my mini-bout of writer’s block and get my fingers back to the keyboard.

Luckily the fine folks at BleacherReport have yet to fire me as a Feature Columnist, despite a measly five posts on their site in roughly a month. Equally as luckily—according to my blog stats—a whole bunch of y’all keep checking back here to see if I’ve churned out anything new.

Thanks to y’all for sticking around and I’ll do my best to keep some new stuff coming.



  1. I think your doing quiet well! I would love to have that much material. I reckon I’m going to be post about 3-4 blogs a week over the next six months. One if for uni, one is my working week (i work in a coffee shop) one is running my blogging tutorial (if people start getting interested in it) and I might write one on any other interesting topic that i find on the news or mashable, or any other social netorking site. I maybe a young one in the blogging game, but content is content and from what I have read the content is quality! I would be proud! 😉


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