Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | August 1, 2009

July Recap/August Preview


Hello Faithful Readers,

I just wanted to let all y’all know that I am not dead.

My dismal blog numbers from last month may say otherwise, but I can guarantee you I am alive and well. Or at least mostly well anyway, in the past two weeks I’ve managed to tweak my back pretty badly and I did something very uncouth to my cursed right knee at softball the other night.

Beyond all that, however, things are quite peachy.

Once again, I failed in my attempts to balance out my baseball blogging and my personal blogging. Things were so much easier when I assumed I’d be a library troll forever.

Suddenly having someone wave a shot at getting my dream job in front of my face is too hard to resist, despite the fact that it is clearly taking a toll on my time spent blogging here, but in the long run—hopefully—it’ll be totally worth it!!

In writing today I had once again intended to proclaim my idealistic desire to split my blogging on an every other day regimen. Unfortunately, that’s proven to be more complicated than I’d anticipated.

In June, I missed the mark on the sports side by posting just nine blogs (at the time a monthly record) and hit it dead-on with 15 posts over here at “Blank Stares and Blank Pages.”

Not quite a solid 15/15-split, but close.

In July, I went the other way—as I warned y’all I might—and obliterated my recently-set record of nine sports blogs in one month by posting 21 sports blogs.

It was a pretty good month in terms of baseball writing. I was a featured story at BleacherReport dozens of times, one of my stories was featured on CBS Sports and it is entirely possible that I engineered a rumored Twins trade that—in addition to getting national coverage—eventually come to fruition.

Unfortunately, all of my successes on the baseball side of blogging took a lot of my free writing time and I mustered a very unimpressive 12 posts here at BSBP. I was quite disappointed by my output and/or lack thereof. I’ve tried to keep plugging away here at BSBP, but for the most part my month was pretty dull and was largely occupied by baseball.

In August, however, I am setting the bar high and going for not just an even split, but I’m going to one-up an even split. I’m aiming for a lofty goal of 20 posts on each blog.

I know, I know…but please hold your applause until the end of the show.

It figures to be tough as I’ve got a mini-vacation planned with Grace to hit up Washington DC at the end of the month and in the early-goings of August much of my time figures to be taken up by softball.

The mighty Bibliotechs have already locked up second-place and have a chance to unseat the first-place Red SAACs this coming Thursday and take home the division crown heading into the playoffs.

Additionally, I’m taking part in all-day tournament on August 8th that figures to be hootenanny and a half.

As such, my time will clearly be at a bit of a premium to squeeze in 20 posts on both sites, but as we all know, I do enjoy a good challenge.


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