Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 7, 2009

People I May Heinously Murder: That Kid from the AT&T Commercials


I am SOOOOOOOOO f’n sick of those AT&T commercials for the rollover minutes.

The first time I saw one of them, I thought to myself ”Gee that’s sorta funny…”

Then I saw a second and third and fourth and fifth reincarnation of the commercial. I no longer find them sorta funny.

In fact, all I think anymore is that the kid who constantly wants to give away or throw away the “old minutes” is probably suffering from some sort of mental illness. His mom, although kinda bitchy, is right…they are freakin’ rollover minutes, what kind of idiot doesn’t get that at this point?!

That kid is a lost cause. He’s been told two-hundred times in two-thousand different ways, the minutes rollover. They don’t expire. They don’t disappear. They don’t get old.

He’s an idiot and probably finds Carrot Top funny.

His mother should probably kill him.

Or I suppose she could sell him off into slavery in some third-world country, yeah…that’d work too. Either way that kid needs to go the F-away!

The minutes rollover.

They don’t expire. They don’t get old.

Seriously, how dumb to you have to be to not grasp that concept at this stage in the game, Dummy?!

Your mom has been literally PREACHING this to you for like two years, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you clearly don’t deserve the oxygen that you’re blatantly wasting.

If given the chance to kill you, I will take it. I will take it without thinking twice.

Watch your back, dumb-ass I’m coming for you and all of those damned rollover minutes!!



  1. these commercials are so pointless and i don’t know why AT&T continues to use them. they just make it seem like you’re uncool if you use the “old” minutes your mom is recommending. i don’t know who they are appealing to. maybe parents. ugh!


  2. I just love those commercials…the looks that the mother gives are priceless!!


  3. I agree w/you about wanting to kill the kid, but I’m sorry – I crack up everytime I see this last comm’l b/c the look of the mother is, as Carolyn said, priceless. First time I saw this latest comm’l, I said to my 2 sons – the next comm’l s/b the mother climbing over the back seat and strangling him to death. That certainly is the look she gives him and it comes across perfectly w/out a single word. Brava to that actress!


  4. You are a weirdo, raging over a commercial. Perhaps you are the mental one?


  5. […] suck because they break up your favorite show. They suck because they’re insanely repetitive and boring. They suck because you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about whatever product they’re pitching. […]


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