Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 2, 2009

Lessons from the Gym: The Awkwardness


The Lesson: Don’t be social in the locker-room, it just gets weird.

I think I’ve got more game than I’ve given myself credit for…

…with dudes, that is.

I’ve previously blogged about my experience at the Milwaukee airport and today I had another interesting experience.

I was at the gym working out and there were only two other dudes on the third floor at the same time.

One dude was running on the treadmill and the other dude was using one of the elliptical machines. After I was all done lifting, I headed downstairs and noticed one of the dudes was also headed downstairs to the locker-room.

We ended up in the shower and then the sauna together. I didn’t think much of it, because let’s be honest, where else is a dude going to go after a workout?! He’s either going to shower or hit the sauna or both.

I didn’t think anything of it until I headed back into the sauna for a second time after getting a drink of water. He then diverted from his locker and headed back into the sauna. It wasn’t super odd or anything, but he did keep looking in my direction and tried making small-talk.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’m not a big fan of people trying to chit-chat it up in the sauna…it’s just not a talky place.

Dudes should just be quiet and get their sweat on. I dealt with it and made small-talk for ten minutes or so and then decided I’d had plenty-o-sweatin’ for one day.

I eventually left the sauna and showered, he followed suit and I then wandered back to my locker and got dressed. As I was packing my gym bag, he walked by and gave me a piece of paper with his name, Gregg, and phone number and said to me…

Gregg: “I’ll be at the Paradise later…text me.”

…and then he walked off, leaving the locker-room and leaving me there holding the paper, all-kinds of confused about how to react.

For anyone not from the Cambridge area the Paradise is a gay club that is notorious for being very raunchy.

In fact, the general consensus from just about everyone who has ever been there is that it would scar me for life and probably leave me crying like a small, frightened child.

Needless to say I did not wander into the Paradise this evening and I did not give Gregg a text, in fact I recycled his number after leaving the gym.

Not that I wasn’t flattered, mind you. I mean who doesn’t dig it when they get someone’s number?!

It’s just that I prefer getting numbers from the lady-folk. Although the ladies are generally less receptive to sharing the shower and sauna at the gym.

I guess you can’t win ‘em all, huh?!



  1. Great post you have any idea why I cant subscribe to your RSS feed??



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