Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 30, 2009

A Startling Revelation


I’m pretty sure I’m an angsty 15-year old girl trapped in the body of a goony dude from the Midwest.

Don’t worry, Faithful Readers, this isn’t about to be some sort of post where I give a life-altering revelation of my plans for a very expensive, presumably very painful surgery.

No, no…rather this is just the vibe I’m getting upon listening to my iTunes playlist for the past half-hour. You see I’ve got a whopping total of 6,450 songs on my playlist. That’s 31.39 GB of my hard drive’s 74.5 GB of space. Played out song-by-song, back-to-back it’s just over 18 consecutive days worth of music.

Needless to say, I’ve got a pretty decent assortment of songs, artists and genres at my disposal.

I’ve got everything from Bjork and KD Lang to Metallica and Beethoven. I’ve got soundtracks from movies and musicals. I’ve got one-hit wonders and legends of rock. I’ve got NSync and I’ve got Britney Spears, but I’ve also got Cross Canadian Ragweed (aka: the other CCR) and the Cure. There’s a half-a-dozen guys named Bob and one bad-ass chick named Janis.

My playlist pretty much has it all.

Here’s the thing…when I put it on random this morning I was hit with seven (count ‘em, seven!) of the first ten songs that were by Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton and Katy Perry.

Do you know how many of my 6,450 songs belong to those four ladies? I bet you don’t, so I’ll tell you…30.

That’s right 30 out of 6,450 songs on my computer are by those gals and yet seven of the first ten songs played this morning were by those four ladies; three songs from Taylor, two from Avril and one each from Vanessa and Katy.

I think iTunes is trying to tell me something. Clearly it believes that—despite my very eclectic song list—I’m a 15-year old girl.

I mean what better reason can you come up with for my random playlist popping up seven songs by artists notorious for their songs directed at younger, female audiences.

A bunch of songs about how rough life is in high school and dealing with cheating boyfriends is not how I’d intended to start my morning, but was not—by any means—a bad thing either. I do enjoy all of those gals and their music, which is why they’re on my playlist, and I did find myself bobbing my head and singing along.

So I guess if I’m going to be labeled as an angsty 15-year old girl by iTunes, I’d prefer that iTunes view me as more Taylor Swift than Avril Lavigne.

I think Taylor is angsty because she’s stuck in a small, hick-town and isn’t quite old enough to drive her hand-me-down two-tone Chevy pick-up and has to rely on her older friends to drive her into town and she simply doesn’t feel pretty or cool enough to be hooking up with the cool football players, but deep down she knows she’s going to move on to bigger and better things because she’s a deep, introspective soul stuck in a place that’s not big enough to allow her wings to spread.

Avril seems like that rich chick who moved to the suburbs her sophomore year of high school and made-out with every boy in her Chemistry class to be popular right away and all of the other girls hate her for it, but she could care less. She’s only doing this whole angsty, dark nail polish thing because it pisses her off that her parents moved her out of her posh big-city school and she’s trying to do her best to piss her parents off.

Anyway…where was I going with this?!

Oh yeah…I’m an angsty 15-year old girl…but the less-bitchy kind.



  1. I have to say I enjoy your interpretation of Avril. Pretty much hitting the nail on the head there!


  2. And reading your interpretation of Taylor Swift does make me like her a teensy bit better– at least her older stuff. Speak Now still doesn’t impress me.


  3. […] Swift has been the apple of my eye for quite some time now and if you’ve visited this blog a time or two (or three or four or five or six or seven) before, you’re well-aware of my affinity for […]


  4. […] Naturally, this peaked my interest. […]


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