Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 21, 2009

The Dreaded NyQuil Hangover

nyquil001As I mentioned last week, I’ve been suffering from what has proven to be an annoying head cold.

And as I stated in the aforementioned blog, I attempted to battle this nuisance via the use of what I would later learn were generic store brand versions of Benadryl and Sudafed. Although as both The Peter Norman and my work husband, Mr. Ryan Gray will attest to…all that did was make me all-kinds of loopy Friday morning.

As such, I’ve since decided my next method of attack would be the old standby, my go-to, the end-all, be-all of cold destruction…NyQuil.

It worked, pretty well anyway, I got a great night’s sleep and I feel far less stuffed up this morning. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I am now suffering from the dreaded [insert ominous music here] NyQuil Hangover!!

For those who have not experienced the NyQuil Hangover, consider yourselves lucky. NyQuil is a deceptive little elixir that—much like Tequila—can often come back to haunt you after a night of good times and sweet, liquid-induced slumber.

When my alarm went off this morning, I sluggishly flailed around trying to find it, much to Grace’s chagrin. I finally managed to turn it off, which was not my intention as I was definitely aiming for the snooze button. So I spent way too long attempting to reprogram the sucker for fifteen minutes into the future whilst dozing in and out the entire time.

When it finally went off again, I rolled myself out of bed and lumbered into the bathroom to shower, under the misguided notion that a shower would perk me right up. The thing is, with a NyQuil Hangover, there is no counter-acting it with mere water. No, no…my attempts were feeble at best.

I tried a really hot shower and nearly fell over I was so tired. So I tried a super cold shower and, in addition to screaming like a small child, I still felt my eyelids getting heavy and I leaned on the towel hook for support.

After nearly passing out face-down in a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch, I pulled myself together enough to slap a sammitch together. I then made the slow, methodical walk to work. The whole time staring longingly at all of the places I felt my body could comfortably curl up to continue my coma.

Now I’m at work, doing my best to be productive, but struggling mightily. My legs feel like Jell-O. My brain and eyes want to shut down. My body is achy from the gym yesterday. I can’t focus on anything…but I did sleep great last night.

But I guess that’s the trade-off…one great night’s sleep for one very messed up day.

Here’s to hoping no one asks me to operate heavy machinery or perform open heart surgery today.


  1. You Need a Monster BFC my friend.


    • A handful of No-Doze seems to have done the trick…sort of.

      My legs…once filled with Jell-O…are now super bouncy…the head and eyes are slowly coming around. Hopefully I’ll be fully perked up by my meeting this afternoon!!


  2. I enjoyed your use of “huzzah!”

    Feel better soon, poppit!


    • I learn from the best!!


  3. Love this blog. I’ll be back!!


  4. note: I think using “uppers” to perk yourself up from “downers” is one of the first signs of drug addictions.


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