Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 16, 2009

I’ve Been Googlized!!


Huzzah!! It finally happened, y’all!!

That’s right, Faithful Readers, I’m officially one of those drop-down suggestions on Google!!

I realize this is probably one of the single saddest things a person could be proud of, but I’m pretty stoked either way!! The main reason for my place amongst the Googlized is based largely on the success of my blog!!

According to stats on my blog, people search for my blog via Google by typing in “Jeremiah Graves” or “Jeremiah Graves + blog” or something along those lines roughly 20+ times a day. This means one of two things.

a) No one who is reading my blog has it bookmarked.
b) My random thoughts are slowly building a decent fan-base via the proverbial “grape-vine.”

No matter what the case may be, it is quite satisfying to see that if you type in my name…it apparently generates 804,000 results.

Sure, sure only maybe half of those are actually me—it turns out there were a couple of good ole boys named Jeremiah Graves in the 1800’s who kept journals and stuff as well—but whatevs…I’m in the mix, baby!

Plus “Blank Stares and Blank Pages” pops up in the top ten results!! Gotta love the interwebs!

Here’s to hoping that Bill Gates or some other rich dude is searching for “Jeremiah Johnson” to read about the movie, but accidently stumbles across my blog and falls in love with it…and then offers me a couple gajillion dollars to write a book or something.

Yeah…that’d be swell.



  1. i’m pretty sure it’s me that googles your blog on a daily basis. i can’t bookmark it at work and i can’t access it through fbook so i google “jeremiah graves wordpress” about 4-5 times a day. it is one of the only non-websensed things i can read. so, keep it up son.

    ps: i am rooting for grace in the gauntlet. sorry.


    • …don’t worry, I think just about everyone is pulling for Grace. I’ve got a good feeling I can do this though.

      I’ll take my competitive streak vs the tempatation of meat any day!!


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