Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 13, 2009

Lessons from the Gym: The Necessities

The Lesson: ALWAYS double-check the contents of your gym bag!!

I threw out my back about two weeks ago and it was not pleasant.

As a result, I’ve been skipping the gym to avoid further aggravating my achin’ sacroiliac. While I was back in Iowa last week I accompanied my Mama to the chiropractor and went ahead and got my back cracked. Apparently eleven years is a little too long to go without an adjustment, who knew?!

Anyway…so I made my triumphant return to the gym today and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll make my triumphant return to sore, achy muscles confused as to why I’ve betrayed them.

gymbag001In my layoff, I’d emptied my gym bag and when I headed out today I forgot to repack two very important necessities…extra socks and extra undies.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I’d made this error until after I’d worked out and gotten my sweat-on. I came back from the shower and started digging through my bag when the realization of what lay before me set in.

I was going to be forced to wear my sweaty underoos and socks.


The worst part was the panic-attack. You see, my Faithful Readers…when a dude is freaking out and digging through a locker the way I was there are only three things he could be looking for with that much fervor: World Series tickets, his child or some clean socks and undies.

In the end, I kept as cool of a head as a dude can in that situation and I spent ten minutes trying to dry my sweaty garments on the hot-air hand dryers. It worked well enough for me to wander home and change.



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