Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 13, 2009


sacklunchSo I’ve set myself a little goal for this week.

After spending a week back in the Midwest and eating out for darn near every meal, I should probably do a little something to reverse that trend. I figure I’ll start small and that’s why I am planning to bring lunch from home every day this week.

Actually, scratch that, let’s not say “bring lunch from home” because that implies that I’ll actually get up with more than six minutes to spare before I’m supposed to be at work…which I can usually only guarantee one or two days a week.

So instead, I’ll just say that my goal is to not purchase lunch all week. Sure it might mean that one or two days I just eat whatever random candy bars or chips are stowed away in my desk, but whatevs…it’s all about baby-steps, right?!



  1. I’m gonna have to go ahead and say that buying a reasonably priced lunch made up of moderately healthy things would be a better choice than random candy bars and chips that are stowed in your desk. (I should talk… some days a muffin from Dunkies counts as my breakfast AND lunch…) Even just an apple and string cheese from LaVerdes or something, man. You need to be healthy for spring training!! (When does it start, by the way?)


  2. since i had to make the same change in my life, i’ll give you some of my tips. well, by “tips” i just mean what i do. they’re not secrets or even all the beneficial. so basically i’m just typing some random stuff.

    ok. some options:
    – chef boyardee meal: you can get mac and cheese or beef ravioli or spaghetti and meat balls. they take about 45 seconds to a minute in the microwave.
    – lean pockets. i know jim gaffigan makes a lot of jokes about hot pockets/lean pockets, but the chicken fajita lean pocket is DELICIOUS! the pepperoni pizza choice is not so delicious.
    – spend four minutes making a sandwich. i put spinach leaves on as lettuce, ham, potato chips (i like the crunch) and light mayo. it’s good, and it makes me feel more domesticated to make a sandwich.
    – an even better sandwich: brown some turkey meat and put it in a tupperware-type container. mix some buffalo sauce in there and put that on your sandwich instead. again, absolutely DELICIOUS.
    – broccoli slaw. that probably sounds disgusting, but this is super good and easy to make. you need a bag of broccoli slaw, some sunflower seeds, some craisins or raisins and some balsamic vinaigrette dressing. put it all into a tupperware-like container, shake it up, and you have this awesome salad that takes next to no time to make and gives you energy.

    i realize you don’t want to spend any time making anything, but four or five minutes really can make a difference!


  3. I do love both of you ladies so very much!!

    Dana – Spring Training has been (sort of) underway for nearly a month now. We’ve just been playing catch to loosen up the arms. Check TechTime, you’ve been passing up invites for weeks!

    Lindsey – I’m all about the sandwich. Sandwiches are sorta my specialty. I am intrigued by your other options. Color me intrigued (it’s a light magenta).


  4. Hmm… interesting that I never saw those invites until today!


    • …you’ve been invited, I just assumed you couldn’t spare an hour given the 45 minute hike across campus to the turf.


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