Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 31, 2009

Poet’s Corner #001

poets-corner-colorHello Faithful Readers and welcome to the very first installment of “Poet’s Corner.”

“Poet’s Corner,” is set to be a new series of sorts here at “Blank Stares and Blank Pages.”

What is “Poet’s Corner” you ask, Faithful Reader?

Am I going to start laying down beautiful introspective poetry about how I am a sad, twisted and tortured soul?

Will this be yet another vehicle for me to express my deep desire for both Jennier Aniston and baseball?!

Am I going to write delightful sonnets to my sweet Grace?

Will this serve as an outlet for all of my built up hostility and aggression from dealing with library patrons who are all-kinds of whacka-doodles?

No, no…“Poet’s Corner” is here to serve an entirely different purpose.

With this new series, I want to pay homage to the completely random and often completely indecipherable spam emails that I receive here at work. I’d say that every single day I get probably three or four of these that slip through the spam filter and some of them are gems that almost read as some sort of new-age poetry. As such, I’ll give you the title of the spam email and the contents of the email.

This is going to be a wild-ride, folks…hold onto your bonnets.


Poet’s Corner #001

Subject: Your Account was Banned


This is a joke 🙂

Was referable to her father, through the painful precious
things. And tomorrow morning we will a scared whisper to
his neighbour, i would leave his pocket, and making a loop
in one end, he put the next one, and to find instead the
soft drapery.




  1. this is probably one of the best ideas for blog entries i’ve ever seen. love it!


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