Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 23, 2009

BOA is DTM (pt.2)

thumbs_twiddlingNothing. Abso-f’n-lutely nothing!!

That is what I’ve received from the fine folks at Bank of America.

Now here I sit, nearly two and a half hours removed from my interactions with Peggy, just twiddling my thumbs and staring at my cell phone.

I’ve been waiting for this “veto-happy” supervisor to return my call, but as of yet…nothing!!

This is super-annoying, because my Monday plans of doing laundry and going the gym have already been thrown asunder by this entire late fee rigmarole.

I’d prefer not to have an important call about my bank information in a crowded and noisy laundromat, but it seems I really have no choice if I’m actually going to get my laundry done today.

So I’ve decided to head out into the world to do my laundry in the hopes that this supervisor will actually call me back at some point in the relatively near future…perhaps before my NEXT credit card bill is due.

Granted the odds are far more likely that I’ll end up doing my laundry, going to the gym, creating a cure for the common cold, putting an end to world hunger and somehow ridding the world of Paris Hilton before I actually receive any sort of contact from the aforementioned supervisor.


…and the battle wages on.

…to be continued…



  1. the supervisor is never going to call you. if you want to talk to him/her you need to call back yourself. did you get their name? seriously, be persistant and maybe it will work out.

    also, did BOA charge you the fee or was it the credit card company? if they are diff. affiliations then maybe you should bother the other end.

    that’s all i got.


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