Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 3, 2009

Die Hard: Library Style

death_in_the_stacksWhenever I open the library, I pretend I’m in Die Hard.

That’s right, not only am I wandering around the library flipping on lights and pulling requested books, I’m secretly sneaking up on—and killing—militant terrorists one-by-one.

I even have a toy gun that I wield about wildly as I’m diving in and out of the rows of shelves and rolling around to avoid invisible hails of gunfire.

I used to play this game at home until Grace told me she was sick of not only the noisy gun, but my constant sneaking around the house and shooting at her from around corners. She also does not appreciate being referred to as a “terrorist.” Apparently this bothers her to an extent that I had not initially expected.

That is why the gun and my personal games of Die Hard have been relocated to the darkened hallways of the Barker Engineering Library.

On the bright-side, should the MIT Libraries every come under attack, I’ll be ready.



  1. is that… kiefer sutherland’s body?


    • …is it not entirely possible that it could be my body?!


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    I’ll be having a new blog up soon that is going to be awesome! Don’t forget to check it out.


  3. […] I’d be perfectly happy if I revered to some dreams of yesteryear wherein the MIT Libraries fell under siege in a blatant rip-off of Die Hard that saw me serve as […]


  4. […] had to open the library anyway and—as I’ve mentioned before—I like to make the most of this otherwise innocuous […]


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